Surfboard Shaper | Scott Squire

(of Squire Shapes)

My working life as a surfboard shaper and designer started with composite boat building in early 2000, where I was working with procedures such as vacuum bagging panels and full mould layups on high-tech and leisure crafts.

Upon completing my time in boat building, I shifted to Australia and landed a job with a new company called Firewire Surfboards.

Firewire used much the same construction methods as I had been using with racing yachts -using mostly carbon fibre, high-density foam and all epoxy resin, with many other techniques involved.

Shaper to the Pros

From 2006 I spent over two years working at Firewire on the Gold Coast. As part of their team, I was doing everything from setting up, to research and development, and for a good portion of the time working under the supervision of Nev Hindman as a surfboard shaper and glasser for Taj Burrow, who was then the number 2 ranked surfer in the world. I felt very privileged doing so.

Building & Repairing

After time in Australia, I moved back to New Zealand and continued working in the marine industry. I spent much time from 2010 working for two surf companies based here in Auckland, where I honed my surfboard manufacturing skills: from laminating for one company, to shaping, spraying, and thousands of surfboard repairs for another.

And when I’m not working as a surfboard shaper or in the water …

Besides building and doing research and development on surfboards, I am an experienced musician playing drums, producing songs and doing some vocals as well. I try to find a happy balance between music and surfboards, but they are both equal loves these days. Making and repairing surfboards is an industry I am heavily drawn to whilst I still maintain music writing and gigs on the side.


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