Our surfboard repairs are second to none

we know what we’re doing

With over 15,000 surfboard repairs between the people in this factory, it is safe to say your surfboard will be kept safe and clean. Our happy customers get their beautifully repaired surfboard back with little to no visible signs of the repair work.

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We Fix Dings, Cracks & Snaps

We do all eps / epoxy and all polyester repairs. We do everything from small to large dings, creases, fin plugs, full restoration and also foil inserts on sups and surfboards. We not only build boards, we can repair every type of stringer-less construction and standard stringered surfboard.

  • paddle board repair
  • fin box repair
  • crack repair
  • nose repair
  • ding repair
  • hole repair

Consider it done …..

Board Repairs Without The Surprises

All our surfboard repairs are quoted correctly. We will discuss the process of the fix with you so you have a good, clear understanding of our procedures during the repair work.

Most of our finished repairs are sprayed back to their original colour, as was brought to us.  Sometimes, with a few tricks we have come up with, we do not have to spray at all.

We have a well-thought-out quoting sheet and system. Once again, we have no problems explaining the ins and outs of all repair jobs to our customers and we’re good at what we do; that’s the long and the short of it.


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