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Working in the composite industry, I found myself spending my own time and money designing my own construction methods and concepts, which I thrive on. I have achieved a construction that is much stronger than your average stringerless epoxy and one that also allows control of the flex pattern of either stringerless eps or stringerless p.u.

Virus series

I’ve had this surfboard design and construction down for some years now and had used it myself before asking a friend and NZ pro surfer, Paul Moretti, to try one. I asked hm to give it hell …and he did. He loved what I was doing and asked to keep surfing our boards. He has stayed with these surfboard designs for the last 3 years, saying they are extremely lively, light and very durable.

Surfboards That Take The Knocks

The diamond carbon rods that are built inside the blank (not on top of the board) create a beam directly underneath your feet: top and bottom they work with and against themselves creating a very fast recoil that I can control when building the board, depending on the surfer. Stronger than most other epoxys on the market, the beam allows for more impact resistance and, believe me, we have tested it over and over.

For A Consistently Good Ride

The diamond rods finish before nose and tail to allow more nose and tail flex. Also, what is exciting about this surfboard design is building it in stringerless polyurethane, so you really understand the difference between both eps blanks and p.u. blanks. Using the diamond beam, you get a real consistent feel for your boards. This is no marketing ploy this is a tested product!


Unique, customised surfboards for experienced or professional surfers. Fast and ready to perform to the rider’s imagination, Factory Surf Co. Surfboards are extremely lively, light and durable.

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