Factory Surf Co

New Zealand surfboards made and repaired with local know how and international experience.

We have 20 years plus in the composite surfboard industry, working with both local surfboard companies here in NZ and international surfing brands overseas.

Surfboard Repairs

We do all surfboard repairs from small dings to foil inserts on SUPs and have built up a water-tight reputation for a high standard of board repair work. Having fixed over 15,000 dings, cracks, and holes in surfboards over the years, you’d hope we know what we’re doing.

Surfboard Design

Our New Zealand surfboards are of a world class standard and lead the way with high-tech ideas on surfboard construction from epoxy to polyester. Factory Surf Co was started in 2018 with a high-tech workshop in Auckland that is clean, tidy and very consistent.

We have spent the last 2 to 3 years field-testing our board shapes and constructions before making them available to the public.

When you ride one of our designs, you are not riding a fun / performance surfboard that has had little to no testing and a ton of marketing. You will be riding a board that our whole team has put through the ringer of testing. We are 100% confident in what we put under your feet……our boards just work every time! We make New Zealand surfboards that perform the way you want them to.


Unique, customised surfboards for experienced or professional surfers. Fast and ready to perform to the rider’s imagination, Factory Surf Co. Surfboards are extremely lively, light and durable.

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